Weekend with Papa: A Well Spent Day Off

My dad and I are meeting once again! Couldn’t be more excited! We’re working in the same country, but we only see each other every 3 months when he has 3 days consecutive off. Usually, these days fall on weekends.

We decided to meet in Accra, Ghana’s capital. He usually visits me in my workplace, but we wanted a change in environment this time. I left for Accra around 1pm since we’re supposed to meet at the airport at 4:00pm. I didn’t encounter any traffic so I arrived just in time.

When my dad and I were finally together, we had some small talk before going to Marina Mall to have some snacks. John, the company’s chauffeur, joined us for some pizza. After that, John dropped us to Ange Hills Hotel where we got upgraded to a suite. Thanks to Pat, the hotel’s Front Office Manager.

Dad had plenty pasalubong: Adobo, Kaldereta and some calamansi from his garden. Instead of going out for dinner, we ate my pasalubong. We also ordered for 3 cups of rice (yes, extra rice!) from the restaurant. It’s been a while since I had Filipino food. I stay in a hotel room so I cannot cook. Good thing my dad brought some because I’ve been craving for Adobo for quite sometime. 

Pasalubong from papa: Kaldereta (Upper Left), Adobo (Upper Right), Calamansi (Bottom)
Kaldereta (Upper Left), Adobo (Upper Right), Calamansi (Bottom)
Papa (Right) and I (Left) having dinner.
Papa (Right) and I (Left) having dinner

Our evening’s pretty quiet. We called home and had ourselves updated with the latest happenings. Gosh! We missed home. After that, we slept early since both of us are tired from travel. 

The next day, dad’s dropping me off to my accommodation. Before hitting the road, we dropped by Accra mall to buy groceries. We bought some fruits, juices, water, and snacks.

When looking for a place to have lunch,  we bumped into kuya Jun, dad’s friend whom he has not seen for 15 years. They met in my dad’s former company. As per kuya Jun, after  moving to northern region, he lost his contacts hence the lost of communication. 

Kuya Jun (Left) and papa (Right) catching up in Accra mall
Kuya Jun (Left) and papa (Right) catching up

I didn’t feel any awkwardness between them. They were catching up normally, as if the last time they saw was yesterday. I was at awe observing the two of them. Imaging if all interactions are like that. The world would be a better place. 

It took us 3 hours travel to Ada. Aside from the medium traffic we encountered around Tema roundabout, it was a smooth travel. Back at the resort, here’s an event called Tunes and Flames. It happens every last Saturday of the month at 7pm at the restaurant. We arrived around 5pm, so we opted to rest in my room while waiting for the occasion. 

We went out around 7:30 pm to see what’s going on. There were live band playing hit music and bonfire. We were sitting by the bar, entertaining ourselves with great music when our Ghanian, Mexican and kabayan friends joined us. We had some drinks and grills. Shortly after, we hanged out on the deck of my friend’s boat. We sure had some fun! 

Papa with our Ghanian, Mexican and Kabayan friends.
Papa with our Ghanian, Mexican and Kabayan friends

We had to end the day early because my dad had to leave early to catch his morning flight. Our weekend together is officially over. My dad had to go back to work and I equally have to report to the office the next day. Despite being short, every minute with my dad is time well spent. 


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