A Day with Me: Typical Work Day

It’s 5:00 in the morning. My phone starts ringing, it is time to wake up. I don’t normally hit the snooze button, but I had to today. I still need more sleep after going to bed around midnight. Yesterday was quite a busy day so I hanged out with my friend until late last night to unwind. 

After hitting the snooze several times, I’m ready to start my day. It’s already 6:30 AM. Thank God for allowing me to see the sun. I pray that He would continue to bless and guide me so I could perform my duties well.

I love waking up early. I get to enjoy solitude and go through my morning routine without any distractions. 

A few years ago, I learned that drinking water first thing in the morning improves gut health, and I made it my habit ever since. Same as true with making my bed immediately. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and sets me up to a great start.

Since I have time, I spent time in my room balcony and meditate using the Headspace App. I initially hesitated subscribing in this meditation app, but after giving it a try, I couldn’t resist. Well, it was a bit pricy knowing that some apps are free but it was worth it. 

I usually forgot to drink my vitamins, so I take some snacks in the morning before having my breakfast around 9:00 am. Today, I’m preparing some biscuits and tea. While my tea is steeping, I like to do some light exercise. I use my Adidas app to guide me with today’s routine. 

It has been my habit to write in my journal after snacking. I write down my intentions, plan out my day and review my previous notes. I set three task for daily, one task in each aspect of my life. Today, for career, I plan to prepare data for our briefing, for passion, to prepare for my next post, and for personal, to do my skin care routine at night. After going about these, I check my social media accounts and be inspired by ideas at Pinterest. 

My 7:30 am alarm is my sign to start preparing for work. On average, I take 15 minutes in the bathroom. As I get dressed, I listen to the Blink of the day on Blinkist App, or to my favorite podcast. I decided I’ll listen to How to Be a Stoic by Massimo Pigliucci on Blinkist App. (Click here to save 20% on your first Blinkist annual subscription)

Since the hit of Coronavirus pandemic, mask, face shield and hand sanitizer has been part of my uniform. To be honest, I feel like wearing a mask and a face shield are barriers to creating a cordial atmosphere. I believe that a friendly smile is an important ingredient to establish rapport with guests. I guess as a person working in hospitality industry, I just have to be more creative in making our guests feel at home. 

Me in my uniform with face shield and company provided nose mask

By 8:00 am, I’m already in my office preparing for my work day. I start by brief myself with hotel’s status, promotions, hotel events, arrivals and departures, VIP guests, packages, guest feedbacks and complaints, staff related concerns and administrative matters at hand. I also prepare my data for the morning briefing at 10:00 am. 

Around 9:30 am, I have my breakfast at the restaurant. I have my usual meal with rice, egg, sausage, baked beans, some vegetables and fruits and salad on the side. I also have a warm cup of Milo for my drink. 

Our morning briefing today focuses on the preparation for the group arriving. Our General Manager stressed that we should not receive any complaints during the check-in. After the briefing, I meet with my team to discuss the plans for today’s operation. Fortunately, we have enough linens in the laundry, enough key cards, early departures and late group check-in. We’ve also made arrangements with the security department to assist us if we’ll experience any challenges later.

While waiting for the guests to arrive, I go about my administrative duties like checking on my staff and their performance, answering emails and inquiries and developing protocols and procedures. 

It’s already 2:00pm and I am about to have my lunch. I grabbed my food in the cafeteria and eat in my room. Today’s meal is grilled chicken and rice. I asked for ground nut soup, a Ghanian dish that is almost similar to Kare – Kare, but they said that it’s the meal for tomorrow. 

Participants from the group started arriving around 3:00 pm. Majority of the rooms are ready for occupancy. We’re only waiting for a few more rooms which will be ready in the next 30 minutes. 

At 5:00 pm, a lot of participants have already arrived, and the pressure at the reception has lowered. Now, that everything has eased out, I could wrap my day out. I do this by writing my to-do list using the Ivy Lee method of productivity.

I meet up with my friend at the restaurant at 6:00pm to have some drinks. Usually, some of our colleagues join us. We speak about home and introduce our cultures and traditions to each another. Today, the resort lit the bonfire, so my friend and I hanged around it. Not long after, we parted ways.

My friend and I by the bonfire, hanging out after a long day at work
My friend and I by the bonfire

I’m already in my room by 9:00pm. I took my shower and started with my skincare routine. While waiting for my mask to dry, I started conceptualizing for my next blog post. I’m putting another OFW interview together, and I’m hopeful that I would be able to finish it time for next week. 

Before I cap off my day, I practiced playing La Vie En Rose on my ukulele, chat with my family and reflect on the things that transpired during the day. 

It’s already 11:00pm and I’m dozing off. I thank God for this day and I pray for a good night sleep. 

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