Unemployed for two months and counting, how is life now?

It has been two months since I arrived in the Philippines, and having lost my job is a turning point in my life. I feel anxious and relieved at the same time. I am anxious for my future, but relieved because I am free from my inner turmoil.

I grieved, but I didn’t waste time feeling sorry for myself. Instead, I did thorough evaluation of what transpired and what I want for my future. I also made sure to be productive. I made it to a point to process my emotions and develop my character.

Here’s a quick update on what’s been happening in my life right now:

1. I launched my online food business

I launched mirienda, my online food business, on December 11. My main objective is to offer “sulit” snacks for every Juan. Our tagline goes by “Better mirienda for less”.

Right now, mirienda offers 4 cold brew coffee varieties, and 4 cold brew tea varieties and 5 donut flavors. I intend to offer more selections as the business expands.

I invested a lot of time conceptualizing and developing our product line up. I’ve always find entrepreneurship intriguing, and having lost my job allowed me to explore this career path. So far, I am enjoying the process of seeing my idea materialized.

2. I bonded more with family and friends

My mom always said, “We should enjoy each other’s company while it last because when all of you (referring to my siblings and I) are all grown ups and started working, it will take another decade before you can bond again.”

When I was an Overseas Filipino Worker, I was only given a one month-long vacation, so I had maximize my activities every time I go out. Sometimes, to meet all my friends, I have to schedule 2 activities in a day.

Now that I have ample time, no more rushed interactions but more present connections.

3. I discovered myself

I’ve always associated my identity with my career and achievements. To me, losing my hotel job means to losing myself.

I was hesitant to meet people because they will surely ask me my future plans and my return date to Ghana. I am embarrassed to admit that I am no longer going back.

Photos with my friends

It took me a couple of weeks to finally separate my personal identity from my professional self. I poured my heart in my journal. I meditated on Stoic practices and developed my relationship with God. Overtime, I found myself.

I am equally blessed to be surrounded by supportive and understanding individuals. I was never lacking of great advice and validation. They made my situation a little more bearable.

This major life event made me realize three things:

First, God will end things for you because He knows you couldn’t. I never realized how toxic my working environment was for me until this event happened. Losing my job saved me from months or even years of misery.

Second, for every unfortunate event that happens, three magnificent things will come of it. I lost my job, now I’m ruling my world.

Lastly, we are left with no choice but to move on because life goes on. Some things are inevitable. They just got to happen. We have to accept the situation and let things go. The faster we do this, the easier our life becomes. 


Thank you for reading this blog post!

Tell me what you think about my content! Comment down below or send me an email at hellomillennialofw@gmail.com.

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