How to Get an NBI Clearance, 2021

Here’s how to process your NBI clearance.

First of, what is an NBI clearance?

An NBI clearance identifies if the person applying for the clearance has a criminal record. In the Philippines, The National Bureau of Investigation under the Department of Justice issues this clearance.

So, what is the use of the NBI clearance?

NBI clearance serves multiple purposes:

  1. Proof of Identification – The government acknowledges NBI clearance as a valid identification.
  2. Employment – This is to prove to your employer that you are not associated to any crimes and serious violations. 
  3. Immigration Purposed – NBI clearance will help you secure a Visa to travel abroad. It is also required when filing for residency. 
  4. Amending Legal Documents – As it is considered a proof of identity, you may amend information of legal documents such as marriage certificate and birth certificate. 

Source: NBI Clearance Online

Booking a schedule

I took my NBI clearance at Quezon City Hall. I heard that I can just walk-in, but for good measure, I booked my appointment online. It actually took me a while to find the NBI website. Probably I was doing my search query wrong.

When I finally found the actual website, I created a new account, since I do not have my previous NBI number. The website is quite easy to follow.

NBI Clearance Website

When booking for an appointment, make sure that you select the preferred date and wait for it to change color. Well, as you might have guessed, I got confused with this 😅. 

I did my booking on January 5 and chose January 19 for my application. Slots are quite many, but expect that the earliest available schedule would be at least a week from your booking date. You can choose whether you’d prefer a morning or afternoon session. 

After filling your profile and choosing a schedule, you’ll be given four options for settlement. I chose to pay via Bayad Center, because it’s the most convenient and affordable for me. I paid a total of Php 155.00. The clearance itself was Php 130.00 but I had to pay for an additional Php 25.00 service fee. By the way, the charge is mandatory.

Once I completed my payment, I received an appointment confirmation e-mail from NBI. 


My brother, my mom and I went to Quezon City Hall around 10:00 AM. I was surprised with the quantity of people lining up for NBI. It was more than 100, based on my count. We were all waiting outside the building. There were quite a handful of martial supervising the area. They made sure that everyone is wearing mask and face shield as well as a confirmed appointment.

Long queue at Quezon City Hall

There’s only one line when you enter the building but it’s moving pretty quickly. I actually haven’t noticed that we’ve been waiting outside for almost 40 minutes.

Before you enter the building, you’ll be asked to bring your 2 valid IDs out and your confirmation of payment.

Actual processing

Before actually queuing for the NBI processing, there’s a reception table verifying your schedule. You have to present your 2 valid IDs and confirmation of payment. Since my receipt’s on my phone, they gave me a piece of paper, which they (receptionist) filled in with my name and confirmation code. My brother on the other hand has his receipt on paper, so he’s not given additional papers.

There were about 15 stations opened for NBI processing. It took less than 10 minutes when I reached a station. I gave my IDs and the paper the receptionist gave me to the NBI official. She asked me to confirm whether my details were correct on their system. 

After my confirmation, she asked me to take my face shield and face mask off for the photo. She asked me to move my hair away from my face, ensuring that my ears are visible. I didn’t know if I can smile, but to play it safe, I didn’t. I made a poker face. After my photo’s taken, I put my mask and face shield up. Then it was time for my biometrics. I didn’t encounter any challenges with this. After everything was done, my IDs and the paper were returned to me and was asked to queue on the last counter for releasing.


It didn’t take long when my NBI clearance was released. I just gave the paper to the official and it was immediately printed out. There’s also brown envelopes available on the counter to keep the documents so don’t you worry. 

Mine was printed out at 11:17 am.

That’s it! 

Me at Quezon City Hall

Here’s the summary of my NBI Clearance application:


1. Book your appointment at NBI’s website

2. Choose your preferred schedule

3. Pay for your NBI clearance

Applying for NBI clearance

1. Bring 2 valid IDs or documents

Notice from NBI Clearance website

2. Bring a copy of your payment receipt (physical or digital)

3. Bring your own pen too

4. Queue and wait for your turn

5. Encoding: Biometrics and photo capture

6. Collect NBI clearance at releasing counter

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I wear when applying for NBI clearance?

Like any government agencies, proper dress code must be followed. Here are the clothing articles you should NOT wear during your NBI clearance appointment:

  • Tank Tops
  • Shirts or jersey
  • Anything too revealing
  • Slippers

You’ll be asked to remove jewelries such as earrings and necklace, piercings and other head accessories during the photo taking. Eye classes and contact lenses will also be removed. 

Source: NBI Clearances

2. What if I’m not able to go at the original scheduled date?

NBI offers a 15-day grace period, if you’re not able to make it on your appointment date. Beyond the grace period, your application and payment will be forfeited. 

Source: NBI Online application Facebook

3. What if I want to come before the original scheduled date?

If payment is not done, you may change your appointment date. However, if payment was already made, you can no longer change the initial chosen date. You have to book another appointment and pay the fee all over again if you want to move your appointment on an earlier date.

Source: NBI Online application Facebook

4. How long is the NBI clearance valid?

NBI clearance is Valid for 1 year. 

5. What is the difference between NBI clearance and Police clearance?

Both NBI clearance and Police clearance identifies if the applicant has any documented criminal case. The main difference is NBI clearance covers the whole Philippines, while the Police clearance is constraint to a certain area. 

Source: ClearancePH

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