Wonder Woman: Dr. Honey | A Physician, a Wife, a Mother , a Blogger and an OFW

A physician, a wife, a mom of 3, a blogger and an OFW. Who could juggle all these titles gracefully but Dr. Honey.

She used to work in Singapore as a GP doctor in a polyclinic for 4 years. Later, she worked as an Asst. Quality Management Manager with the same company performing administrative duties for 2 years. Missing the doctor life, she jumped off to Oman when she was given the opportunity. There, she found the work-life balance she seeks.

Aside from being a Family Medicine physician, she is a mother of 3 active boys. Growing up abroad herself, she wants to her children to experience the world in the most exciting way, like she did. Despite the challenges enveloping raising kids abroad, they pursued to bringing their children along with them! She gives us a glimpse of their  family adventures in her blog: littlemisshoney.com. 

I have learned so much from reading her blog. I particularly enjoy reading her posts on Motherhood and Expat Diaries categories. Being in a rightful age, I too am considering to have children, and I am not willing to compromise my dream of working abroad. As a daughter of an OFW, I know the struggles growing up with a parent who works overseas. Hence, should I happen to have a family, I am opting to bring them along with me. It is great to have someone to model after.

I am really excited to having this collaboration since we share the same vision for blogging. I think that having her graced my blog would be awesome. Dr. Honey is very friendly and accommodated my request.

Dr. Honey is someone to be inspired by. She truly is a Wonder Woman. I do hope that you’ll enjoy reading and learn something from this post! 

Hello! My name is Honey. I am Family Medicine physician, a wife and a mom of 3 active little boys. I am also a blogger. I blog about my expat family adventure at https://www.littlemisshoney.com. I am a wellness and mental health advocate with a strong interest on self-improvement, productivity and positive mindset.

I am a general practitioner doctor here in Oman. I been here for two years now. I previously lived and worked in Singapore before I came to Oman. I worked there as a GP doctor in a polyclinic for 4 years then worked as an Asst. Quality Management Manager in the same company for 2 years.

What brought you to Oman? Can you help us visualize how it’s like to live there? 

I missed the doctor life and seeing patients after doing administrative healthcare work for two years. So when I got an offer from Oman to work as a doctor, I jumped at the opportunity.

Adjusting to living in Oman was a little easy for me in the sense that when I was in high school, my family moved to Saudi Arabia to live there to be with my father who is working there as an Engineer. It helped that I was familiar with customs of Middle East culture already. It is very different from Singapore because it is more conservative, more landscape & nature than buildings & infrastructure and more laidback & chill. Weather can be very extreme to super hot to super cold. The public transportation can be challenging here so you really need to drive a car here to get to places. You also have to learn to speak Arabic here especially if you are living far from the city. One great thing about living in Oman is you get to enjoy slow living, a good work-life balance and enjoy abundance of time-affluence. Not to mention, there are many wonderful picturesque landscapes you get to explore here.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as an OFW? What lesson/s have you learned from it?

One of the challenges you get to face as an OFW is the adjusting to the new culture. Next would be the language barrier. But once you surpass that you will be okay.

One of the challenges you get to face as an OFW is the adjusting to the new culture. Next would be the language barrier. But once you surpass that you will be okay.

Dr. Honey, OFW in Oman

Here are lessons I learned from living abroad or tips how to survive living abroad:

1. Follow the rules & respect the culture

2. Mingle with the locals

3. Manage your expectations

4. Handle your finances wisely

5. If all else fails, be kind

6. Stop complaining and looks at all things in a positive light

7. Be flexible and open to new experiences

8. Set boundaries

9. Always remain humble

10. Be resilient

(More of this on my blog post: 10 SURVIVAL TIPS I’VE LEARNED FROM LIVING ABROAD )

Which factor/s did you consider for choosing to work and live in Oman? Do you have plans on staying there for good? 

Singapore is lovely country but work life there can get pretty hectic and stressful. I was seeking for work-life balance, more time for my family, slow-living and Oman gave me that. 

No plans of staying here for good. This is just a pit stop to the next destination where life would take us.

How is raising a family abroad like? Did you experience any difficulties? Would you mind sharing the pros and cons?

Being raised as a third culture kid together with my siblings, I wanted my kids to experience that kind of life because it has opened up our eyes to the world in a most exciting way. It taught us resiliency, a sense of adventure, adaptability and strength of spirit which I want my kids to acquire as well. 


1. They become resilient

2. They learn to be flexible and adapt easily

3. They are multilingual

4. They will cultivate the love for adventure, ignite curiosity of other cultures and instinctively love to travel

5. They will have friends around the globe


1. Confusion of own’s “real” culture

2. Sense of entitlement

3. Lost touch of culture of origin

4. Lack of permanency

5. Cultivate an escapist mentality

(More of this on my blog post: RAISING THIRD CULTURE KIDS )


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