Kumusta! I’m Eartha, a Millennial and an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) for 7 years. 

I began my journey when I was 19 years old right after my graduation. I stayed in Dubai for almost 2 years and later moved to Ghana where I worked as a hotelier. 

Millennial OFW initially started as my personal blog where I could share my OFW experience and my personal voyage to self – discovery. 

Soon, I started collaborating with other Filipinos working and living abroad. Each interview is full of insightful and inspiring stories. It is also full of valuable advice for aspiring and current OFWs.

After Covid – 19 pandemic hits, I came back home to the Philippines. Now, I am looking for opportunities to be employed in abroad again. For the interim, I spend my time managing my business and helping and educating others, especially aspiring and current OFWs, through my blog.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and thank you very much for dropping by!