DFA Passport Requirements, 2020

I renewed my passport last October 29 and I thought of sharing  the process with you. Quick links Timeline of my application Passport Renewal Passport New Applications Lost Valid ePassport Lost Expired ePassport Mutilated and/or Damaged Passport Change of name This is the 2nd time I’m renewing my passport. I initially wanted to renew myContinue reading “DFA Passport Requirements, 2020”

Jobless for a year. How can people help? Let’s hear it from Jelian.

If you have been following my blog, you are aware that I recently became unemployed. It’s only been a month, but it feels like forever. I am still trying to adjust to my new normal, and it has been challenging.  So, when my old friend Jelian told me that it has been difficult for herContinue reading “Jobless for a year. How can people help? Let’s hear it from Jelian.”

Traveling Amidst the Pandemic – Going Home to the Philippines, 2020

I went to the Philippines on October 17, 2020, when Coronavirus cases are slowly declining, Philippine’s Covid protocols are already established, and The Red Cross Philippines and the Philippine Government are having issues with debts and payment. I don’t really have the intention of travelling, but my passport was expiring in November and the PhilippineContinue reading “Traveling Amidst the Pandemic – Going Home to the Philippines, 2020”

60 Days on Quarantine, What Have I Realized?

Today is Quarantine Day 60 in Ghana, West Africa. 60 days of doing chores, exercising and developing habits.  60 days of chatting with friends and family, binge watching series on Netflix and scrolling down on social media feeds. 60 days of contemplation and self-reflection. 60 days of no work. 60 days of no salary. LifeContinue reading “60 Days on Quarantine, What Have I Realized?”