A Day with Me: Typical Work Day

It’s 5:00 in the morning. My phone starts ringing, it is time to wake up. I don’t normally hit the snooze button, but I had to today. I still need more sleep after going to bed around midnight. Yesterday was quite a busy day so I hanged out with my friend until late last nightContinue reading “A Day with Me: Typical Work Day”

Table for one please: My first solo dining experience

After months of staying at home, I finally got a chance to go out. I went to Accra yesterday along with colleagues for work-related activity. My part ended early, so instead of waiting for my colleagues, I decided to treat myself out in a restaurant at a 5-star hotel.  I wanted to do it inContinue reading “Table for one please: My first solo dining experience”

Celebrating my 4th anniversary in Ghana! How did I even end up here?

4 years in Ghana! Who would have thought that I could get this far? It has been a roller coaster ride. I’ve experienced extreme highs and lows. I’ve learned to stand on my own and I push myself outside my comfort zone. I arrived in 2016 after my dad invited me to join him. He’sContinue reading “Celebrating my 4th anniversary in Ghana! How did I even end up here?”