Evening Routine: When Things Get Overwhelming

For the past two weeks, I have been quite busy. As a matter of fact, it’s overwhelming. It’s been 3 months of low activity, and all of a sudden, I have to accomplish an enormous amount of work in the shortest possible time. I am yet to get used to this kind of pressure again.Continue reading “Evening Routine: When Things Get Overwhelming”

My 5:30AM Quarantine Morning Routine + Healthy Habits

In this post, I’m sharing my quarantine morning routine. Even on quarantine, I still wake up early and maintain my pre-lockdown rituals. By doing so, I remain productive despite current situations.  So, let’s dive in: I set an alarm for 5:30am, but I normally wake up before it rings. I learned from the book TheContinue reading “My 5:30AM Quarantine Morning Routine + Healthy Habits”