When one door closes, another one opens | Raphael’s Story

Rapahel Coberal is working as a Project Manager is a local bank in Singapore. I reached out to Mr. Raphael on Instagram and we chatted on how it’s like to work and live in a place where majority, if not all, wants to visit. We also touched on managing staff in a multicultural organization. MyContinue reading “When one door closes, another one opens | Raphael’s Story”

Living the Dream | An insightful story of Zyra

Despite being affected by the pandemic, Zyra still tries to keep a positive outlook and continues to encourage other Overseas Filipino Workers to do the same. I reached out to her and asked if she could share her overseas story. Luckily, she agreed. She is very accommodating and didn’t shy away from answering all theContinue reading “Living the Dream | An insightful story of Zyra”

Inside Saudi: Insights from a Local

Hi I’m Mariam. I’m half Filipino and half Saudi. I was raised in Manila and came back to Jeddah after graduating. I spent 18 years in Manila, 1 year in Dubai and 6 years here in Jeddah. Majoring in hospitality management, I have worked in hotels for the past years. Currently I’m working at TheContinue reading “Inside Saudi: Insights from a Local”